Melissa explained

Melissa is a journalist based out of Eugene, Oregon. Her work has appeared in Ethos Magazine, KVAL, The Register-Guard and Currently she is a graduate student at the University of Oregon pursuing a master’s in magazine journalism.

She laughs, she giggles, she orders dessert first, dances and loves ’90s TV shows and music.

Melissa has been known to ride a pink bicycle in a  pencil skirt to get a story. She has a soft spot for wit, humor and food.


4 responses to “Melissa explained

  1. Hi Melissa! Great blog/site, I really dig what you’re achieving with your guide for college students/general,public! If I were a student in your town this would be my go-to for sure! I’m a student too, part time in culinary/commercial cooking!!! Keep up the good work, I think your posts are fun and very informative, cheers,
    (Giaff 🙂

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