About this blog

Food reviewing doesn’t have to be about $123 plates of food, unpronounceable words, and fancy wines. As evidenced by Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold, it can be about hole in the wall restaurants and everyday food.

For me, this blog is an outlet to find my voice as a food reviewer. For you, I hope this helps you find what you’re looking for in the Eugene food scene.

I approach this blog as a student, which is fitting seeing as I am one.

Obviously, as a student, my first priority is having enough money for beer and to drink as much coffee as humanly possible when I’m sober. Or not sober. Being conscious of this, I am going to make it a goal to write a review in just a few visits. Unlike fancy-shmancy food writers with company credit cards, I’ll be paying out of pocket, so pulling a Jonathan Gold and visiting a restaurant 5 or 10 or 17 times, is just not going to happen. This being the case, I’d love to hear your experiences, your favorite/least favorite places to eat and places you’d like me to try.

Ultimately, the question will be “would a college student eat here?” This means, beyond the review of the actual food and atmosphere, I will be looking at value – is the food worth spending extra money on? Does it taste fantastic for a reasonable price? Or OK for a stellar price? Is it healthy?

There are a lot of ethical questions when it comes to food reviewing. In the field, some things are standard and others up to debate. Here’s what I promise to you:

  • To not accept free food (It makes you feel like you have obligations to the establishment)
  • To be fair and comprehensive (This means ordering appetizers as well as dessert, visiting the bathrooms, and coming at different times of the day because, for example, the quality of food can change with the chef)
  • To be as anonymous as possible so that I can have the same experience as you would




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