Fab Breakfast Finds Under $5

Blueberry blackberry spelt bread

Breakfast should be easy, flavorful and fun. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite finds in Eugene that are under $5. All are local, maybe made with love, for sure-packed with flavor and maybe healthy. Some you can sit down to eat, others you can grab on your way to class. Whatever the case I hope you have a wonderful morning and that perhaps you try something new.


Broccoli cheese croissant; Sweet Life Patisserie

Gooey cheese, broccoli and ham baked into a croissant. Not available every day, other tasty croissants and breakfast treats are though. 755 Monroe St. Open 7 a.m. $4.50

Jiffy Market

Early morning special; Jiffy Market

Your choice of bacon or sausage served on a biscuit with an egg and your choice of cheese. For $.50 you can have it on a delicious croissant. Get it to go or stay and enjoy it over a cup of coffee while watching the morning news. 3443 Hilyard St. $3.55

Garlic kale roll; New Day Bakery

Garlic, Parmesan and kale make up this breakfast roll from New Day. Great for a lighter breakfast packed with flavor and a little bit of healthiness. 449 Blair Blvd. $2.25

Humble Bagel

Yogurt and granola; Humble Bagel

This heaping bowl of Nancy’s yogurt and house-made granola is sure to give you the fuel you’ll need to start your day. Flavorful, healthy and filling. 2435 Hilyard St. $5

Sausage Breakfast Burrito; Market of Choice on Willamette

A generously sized breakfast burrito stuffed with sausage, egg, cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo. It’s one of those go-to items that you know is always going to taste good and fill you up. 2862 Willamette St. $4.69

Vegetarian Bagel; Bagel Sphere

A freshly made bagel toasted and then topped with healthy goodness: cream cheese, avocado, tomato, onion, and sprouts. Bursting with flavor that you can feel awesome about. 810 Willamette St. $3.99

Keystone Cafe

Biscuits and gravy; Keystone Cafe

Biscuits and gravy are always a good idea. They’re an even better idea at Keystone, where they’re made from scratch and served as a glorious mess for $4.50. If you’re vegan, or in a vegan-mood, check out the vegan biscuits and gravy, also $4.50. 395 West 5th Ave.

The overachiever; Off the Waffle

Pretty much everything at Off the Waffle is student-budget friendly, but the overachiever goes above and beyond, fitting into the $5 and less category that makes every college student sigh and think, “YES. I can eat and still have money for a PBR later.” This buttery waffle is topped with chocolate chips, sliced banana and chocolate sauce.

Veggie breakfast sandwich; El Pato Cafe

Hidden in the 5th Street Market (that thing that looks like it’s too fancy for us) is El Pato Cafe. A lovely little Mexican place, in a mall-like setup. You get fantastic food at an incredible price. The huevos rancheros are mind-blowing both in their taste and their size but unfortunately, they cost more than $5. However, the veggie breakfast sandwich, is only $4.50. Your choice of meat (sausage, ham or bacon) is layered on a roll with an egg and cheese. 296 East 5th Ave.

Goat cheese biscuit; Noisette Pastry Kitchen

Noisette has some pretty killer breakfast pastries. Topping the list is the goat cheese biscuit. It’s pretty much a Red Lobster Biscuit but for breakfast. And they’re just as addicting (I don’t even like goat cheese and I can’t put them down). Get two, they’re not exactly sized to be a full breakfast. Or, to stay in the $5 budget, pack a piece of fruit to eat with one. 200 West Broadway. $2.75

Cinnamon Pastry Roll, Hideaway Bakery

Cinnamon Pastry Roll; Hideaway Bakery

This breakfast pastry is just delightful. It’s light, buttery and flaky while not being overwhelmingly sugary. Fairly big and cinnamon in personality, it would go well with a glass of milk.  It’s well worth the drive if you don’t life on the south side of town. Another great option is the spelt bread – pretty much a danish.



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