A day in Corvallis

Photo credit: visitcorvallis.com

A play-by-play guide to eating in Beaver territory

It’s bound to happen, you have a friend or two in Corvallis and they want you to come visit and though you won’t admit it, you kind of want to get away from Eugene for a bit.

Here’s my no-fail guide to having a great time in Corvallis, whether you’re headed up for civil war or if you take the chance to go this weekend while UO has a bye week and OSU plays BYU, defending their top 10 title (is there a reason to go to Corvallis other than football?).

Friday night:

Photo from the Downward Dog’s FB page

After a day of traveling, ok, a 45 minute trip through agriculture country (don’t be an idiot, take Highway 99) drop by the Downward Dog or Block 15 and knock back a few pints.

At the Downward Dog you will find a somewhat intimate atmosphere with low lighting and loud, sometimes, live music. This is the kind of place you take a friend/friends you don’t necessarily need, or want, to talk to. If you’re not in the mood for beer (which they have lots of) enjoy a creative cocktail, most of which are only $6. The late night menu is killer, you’ll find fries, a huge quesadilla and fun flavors of mac’n’cheese, all of which run at about $5. Open until 2 a.m.

Photo credit: flickr user WVVA

Meanwhile Block 15 has pretty much any beer you could want on tap. Trash talk about your friend’s choice of orange clothing, which is just downright wrong, over one of 16 beers on tap. You’ll find a great selection of tasty food on the late night menu, like the pulled pork sandwich with honey bourbon barbecue sauce. The open atmosphere encourages conversation while the chalkboard tables encourage you to act like a 5-year-old. Don’t forget to leave a nice tip with the 15 chalk penises you thought were a good idea to draw. Open until 1 a.m.

You’re going to need a little grease to counter the 8 beers you had last night and Broken Yolk is going to be busy as hell so head over to Sharon’s Cafe, a less busy, just as awesome, greasy spoon that the locals frequent.

During the game, if you have any room left, eat whatever food they’ll supply you with at whoever’s house it is you’re watching the game at. Chances are they’re the same friend whose couch you stayed on last night. Which means, 1) they should probably feed you once 2) If you weren’t an inconsiderate ass, you probably bought them a beer or two last night.

Photo from American Dream’s FB page

After the game wrap up your trip with a slice of pizza from Corvallis’s best known pizza place, American Dream. For $3-ish you get a ginormous piece of pizza with anything you want on it. You want Gorgonzola, anchovy, zucchini and roasted red pepper? You got it!

And there you have it, a weekend full of some of Corvallis’s best beer and food, for about $25.


The duck who was once a beaver. (Does that make me a platypus?)


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