Goals, fluffernutters and a giveaway

Touche. Photo credit: imgfave.com

I made myself a silly goal this week and posted it on a pink sticky note to my computer screen: to make it to 12,000 blog views. You see, the thing about that is that I started the week at 11,000. If my math skills haven’t withered away into the dark hole of journalism that calculates to about 142.9 views per day, up from the 50 or so I usually get (ok, I used a calculator. Side note: when’s the last time you did long division by hand? THEY ACTUALLY MAKE YOU DO THAT ON THE TESTS TO GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL! …and they still let me in, but I digress).

The point is, I’m a very determined gal. I once walked to school in 85 feet of snow, uphill both ways. So, I may not have done that, but my mom has a lot of good stories about how she had to force me to eat when I was little. And there was that one time when my sister and I avoided eating our Jell-O by launching spoonfuls onto the ceiling above the dining room table each time my mother would look away. Then again, I’m not sure if that was for amusement or avoidance, I was only 8 or so.

On that note: I think we’ll have a giveaway.

I’m thinking you might want to know what the prize is. Yes? Maybe? DRUMROLL:

A $20 gift certificate to one of these local eateries:

Cornbread Cafe
Off the Waffle

This could be the secondary reason I want you to leave mean comments. Photo credit: blog.shareaholic.com

There are four ways to enter the drawing:

✔ Share a link to any one of my Two Pots of Coffee and A Slice of Pie at Midnight posts on TWITTER

✔ Share a link to any one of my  Two Pots of Coffee and A Slice of Pie at Midnight posts on FACEBOOK

✔ Subscribe to my blog. To subscribe scroll to the bottom of this post, down past the picture of my face and enter your email address in the box, then click the button.

✔ Critique me. Post one critical comment on one of my posts. Did I miss a coma? Do you hate my face? Positive comments will NOT be accepted. (Mainly because I have a 5 pound container of ice cream in my freezer and I need an excuse to sulk on the couch and drown my sorrows in it. What can I say, I like being sad.)


Comment on this post telling me how you entered. Your name won’t be counted unless you leave a comment.

You may enter one time for each of the check marks listed above. For you writers, that means you can enter up to 4 times. (1+1+1+1 = 4). Suzi that means you can correct all of my 18,000 grammar errors, but you’ll still only get one entry for critiquing. By all means, feel free to edit away though.

If you tweeted you will need to leave a link to your tweet in your comment (under your Tweet got to “expand,” then hit “details.” It will take you to a page with just that tweet. Copy the link). If you Facebooked and win, I’ll check to make sure you actually posted.


The contest starts now, about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, October 2. It will end at 11:59 p.m. on National Fluffernutter Day, i.e. October 8, 2012. As if a day of peanut butter, marshmallow sandwiches isn’t going to be enough fun by itself.

The winner will be announced within 24 hours. It may involve a live video, a 20 minute feed of me cutting up names and a bum drawing one from a hat. Or, more likely, we’ll just use Random.org.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, this is a very Eugene-centric contest. I’m happy to mail gift certificates out, though I sure as heck will not mail them internationally. However, the business are all located in Eugene and are not chains so it would be in your best interest to be in, near, around, or planning to visit Eugene, Oregon if you actually want to use your prize.



27 responses to “Goals, fluffernutters and a giveaway

  1. Cool! I just found your blog last night while looking for Eugene blogs (and pumpkin patches!) I clicked subscribe below (and also added you to my google reader. Also, don’t know if it’s kosher to correct grammar in this post, but I think ‘coma’ should be ‘comma.’ 😉

    And, to get just a bit off topic, can you recommend any other local blogs? Thanks!

  2. Hello Melissa! This is Stephanie. I tweeted a link and facebooked one also. I was trying to get you the link to my tweet, but it wasn’t cooperating. I also subscribed to your blog. So, is that 3 points for team Stephanie? As bad as I am with taking criticism, I am even worse when it comes to dishing it out. No criticism from me, sorry.

  3. Alright….
    +1 Shared the Pie Adventure on Twitter:

    +1 Posted a link on Facebook to the campus area eateries

    +1 Subscribed

    +1 Critique: Not enough posting about bikes on the Dispatch From a Yellow Bicycle blog…or this one for that matter AND the name of this blog is too long. Now go eat ice cream!

  4. Alright, first of all, I had to scour your blog to find something to critique, only wishing for one more thing. I want more! Take me to the places you are talking about. Sometimes I notice I am reading a description when I want to be lost in your telling of the story. Imagery and senses please!
    Also I shared a tweet, and I subscribed/followed? I think. I clicked follow! I hope that counts. Hope you make your goal!

    • Thanks! I’m working on getting up more reviews, I have two slated to run in the next few weeks. The problem is that it’s spendy to fund your own (ethical) reviews, but I agree, there needs to be more reviews.

  5. I definitely have a criticism – Jello stains, especially red jello. I was looking somewhere else on purpose as I just didn’t have it in me that day to deal with two hysterically giggling children and jello on the ceiling. I thought I would give you two the impression I hadn’t noticed because it was actually funny.

  6. Nice blog! This took some effort (and arguably it is a weak critique, but hey, I’m just some random human on the internet you don’t know and will probably never meet… assuming I am human and not some mutated cat with the power to type ;)).

    In ““Big Ass Piece O’ Cake” or pie. Apparently at Papa’s, big ass piece o cake/pie means bread pudding” you’re missing an apostrophe after o.

    And I’m following you!

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