We found Cinderella’s carriage

Detering Orchards has more pumpkins than Max’s has sorority girls on a Friday night. Who am I kidding, Max’s wins that one hands down. Photo credit: Detering Orchards.

It’s pumpkin season!

I lassoed a few friends for a pumpkin-picking adventure. One friend suggested we go to “The coolest pumpkin patch ever,” which later led to a Google search for “Springfield junkyard pumpkin patch.”

As you can see, we had a blast at the junkyard farm.

Picking your pumpkin doesn’t have to mean going to a super-scary corn maze where someone will chase you around with a chain-saw (which is probably also as fun in your backyard, which is to say IT IS NOT FUN.). It’s as simple as rummaging through some green leaves until you spot the soon-to-be Jack-O-Lantern you want. You pay the lady at the check-in desk a few bucks, giggle with friends and are on your way.

There’s something wonderful about the earthy smells, the wind, and the bursting sunshine colors of picking out your own pumpkin. It is a moment of Oregon bliss.

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A few places near Eugene you can pick your pumpkin(s):

Detering Orchards | 30946 Detering Drive Harrisburg | (541) 995-6341

Hentze Farms | 30045 Hentze Lane, Junction City | (541) 998-8944 (UPDATED)

Lone Pine Farms | 91909 River Road, Junction City | (541) 688-4389

Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm | 36777 Wheeler Road, Pleasant Hill | (541) 746-5161

Thistledown Farm | 91455 River Road, Junction City | (541) 689-2019

Wet Rock Gardens | 2877 19th Street, Springfield |(541) 746-4444 (We were here. It was fun)


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    • Yep, we plan on roasting the seeds.
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