Goodbye sunshine, hello new school year

Welcome back!

I do all my hiking in summer so that I can call my self healthy for the rest of the year. Why? Because I live in Oregon.

I trust that you had a sun-filled summer and spent your much anticipated financial aid check responsibly at the grocery store.

In case you somehow managed to black out all of last year, or you’re new to this blog, I’m your host, Melissa, and I write about food. Generally my articles relate to the Eugene food scene and are written from the perspective of a college student, i.e. broke person.

Here are a few articles from the archives to help you kick off the new year as well as the football team did against Arizona last night–which is to say so well that everyone else will go back to their hotel rooms and cry.

☁ A Guide to Burger and a Brew nights in Eugene
Campus Area Eateries, A Directory
A Handy Dandy Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet
I Love My Ducklings — a few of my favorite recipes and some helpful food-related websites (scroll past the first post)
☁ Promise me you won’t eat from a dented can? Here’s why.

And here’s what to look forward to over the next couple of weeks:

☂ A guide to Eugene coffee shops
☂ Some parent-friendly restaurants that you’ll like too, because you know they’re going to want to visit
☂ Reviews of Off the Waffle and Keystone Cafe
☂ A day in Corvallis–A play-by-play guide to eating in Beaver territory cause I know y’all are traitors and have friends up there.


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