Brrrrrrr–wait for it–illiant. Brilliant.

I picked up a Willamette Week and was more than happy to find a whole map devoted to one of my favorite foods: ice cream. Ice cream in the summer, ice cream in the winter, ice cream with spaghetti or hamburgers, or on pie or covered is child-like gobs of sickening sweets. It’s glorious any time of the year, though perhaps a little more necessary in this wonderful warm weather.

So as the sweat beads start rolling down your face, take a moment to check out this article in Willamette Week that points you where to go for ice cream in Portland and dive into a melting pile of goodness sure to cool you down.

Eugene, you have options too!

Prince Pucklers Ice Cream: 1605 East 19th Ave. (541) 344-441
Red Wagon Creamery: For location and flavors call (541) 337-0780, visit, or follow on Twitter @icecreameugene
Vanilla Jill’s Frozen Yogurt 460 Coburg Rd. #300 (541) 844-2286

Where do you go?


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