Pick it.

Though store-bought, he makes for a good photo, yes?

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year to head out to local farms and pick your very own fruits and veggies. Earthy scents, dirt on your jeans, berry-stained hands, sun on your face–it’s glorious.

Oregon offers an array of options; you can make it a day, pack a picnic and travel a hundred miles in the country or you can grab a bucket and take a five-minute drive to the closest farm for a quick breath of fresh air.

Apples, blueberries, tomatoes, peaches, zucchini–my golly there are loads of options. But the best part? You’ll save buckets of money. Ok, well, if you measure in pennies. But hey, I think you get the point.

A couple of things about u-picking:

❧ Call ahead of time to check on produce and prices.
❧ If bugs aren’t your thing, take gloves and a friend to valiantly rescue you if a spider decides to crawl your way.
❧ Take CASH. Often u-pick farms are cute little families without credit card machines.
❧ The sun will probably want to play, if you’re a true Oregonian you’ll spend the next day crying because you loved it so much you end of with a ❧ violently-red sunburn. If you’re a pansy (which are pretty in my opinion), use sunblock.
❧ Dress appropriately. You might end up a fruity-colored person.

To find a u-pick farm near you click here.

For a wagons-worth of fun drag along friends or some family and tell me where you go!

This post was inspired by an article I wrote for the Gresham Outlook, which delves into u-pick blueberries: what’s so neat about them, essentials you need to know when picking ’em and fun things to make with your bounty. Check it out here. And you’d be silly to think I wrote it in a boring-news tone, I don’t do that crap…except when I do because people die and stuff. And on that awkward sad note it’s time to bid you farewell for now and happy picking!

Free. YES. Go Oregon!

♡ Melissa


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