Field Trip Part III: Kay’s

Our field trip to Portland continues with Kay’s. To check out the first part of our trip–which uncovers the wonderful establishment called Mother’s Bistro and Bar–or to find out why the heck we’re in Portland for summer, click here. To check out our stop at Bluehour click here.

Kay’s is in the super-cool Sellwood area. Its the place all the locals tell you to go. Its the place you’d walk by and think “I’m sure as Hell never going in there.” But if you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Though perhaps uninviting and a tad creepy on the outside, the inside has a welcoming feel that just makes you want to grab a beer and chill. The food is not the shit-on-a-plate-remicrowaved-specially-for-you fare that you might expect from a place that serves food until 2:30 a.m.The chef’s salad is fresh, filling and bursting with flavor. You can also find mac n cheese and burgers (which I have yet to try).

Everything is super-affordable. The bartender though busy, doesn’t mind chatting and is always very attentive. One Yelp user said in her review, “I’d be really comfortable just going ahead and getting my mail forwarded to this bar.”

This is for sure my kind of place. Initial thoughts: 5/5

6903 Southeast Milwaukie Ave.|(503) 232-4447


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