Two Pots of Coffee and A Slice of Pie at Midnight takes a field trip, fun ensues, part II

Our field trip to Portland continues with Bluehour. To check out the first part of our journey–which uncovers the wonderful establishment called Mother’s Bistro and Bar–or to find out why the heck we’re in Portland for summer, click here.

Photo from Bluehours’ Facebook page


Also located in downtown Portland, this little joint is a bit fancy. The service is friendly, the food is the kind that’s good but they know that because of their atmosphere, location and service they can overcharge a bit (this is a little harsh, I did only go once, but it is the vibe I got).

Steak frites, i.e. hanger steak. Please forgive my camera, sometimes it feels a little red.

The cocktails are inventive, boozy and quite wonderful. I managed to surpass the real menu by sitting in the bar where I had a  grilled hanger steak with a brandy mustard sauce and handcut french fries.It was good. Not great. Not mind-blowing. If I have a steak out, I really want one better than I can make. The portion of meat was small and overall compared to Mother’s, it didn’t quite measure up. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying them again, I was not devastated, nor angry, it just wasn’t spectacular, that’s all.

Dinners include dishes such as butter poached Hawaiian Opah (a type of fish) with fava beans, artichokes, preserved lemon, basil, tomato vinaigrette and grilled pork leg with parmesan polenta, escarole, pine nuts, sweet onion agrodolce (ok, that sounds incredible).

My advice would be to try the happy hour, it looks killer, and then figure out how you feel.

Initial thoughts: 2.5/5 |250 NW 13th Avenue | (503) 226-3394

*if you’re confused by my slightly fancy restaurant selection, several eateries were picked because they were part of Portland Dining Month, a group of restaurants that were serving three course meals for $25.


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