Lunch at Ambrosia

Fettuccine Davide $14

Perfect lunch size portion. Chicken breast, olive oil, basil, Parmesan and garlic in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce. A mainstay, it has been on the menu for over 20 years.

I must admit, I’m still quite taken with the classic spaghetti alla bolognese (Plum tomato sauce, ground beef, pork, basil and oregano. $12), although the competition was quite wonderful.

Ambrosia|174 E. Broadway|(541)342-4141|Menu here

Aside: The first time I went to Ambrosia, I was welcomed by a lovely man with an Italian accent. Armen put his arm around me, walked me to my table and asked me how I was. Throughout dinner he chatted with me and made absolutely sure that I was enjoying my meal even though he wasn’t my waiter. In a fancy restaurant dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, I was treated like family. If you’re on your way home from afternoon class you can drop in for a bowl of pasta and regardless of age or dress, you are treated just like anyone else. That’s why I like Ambrosia. Though it is perhaps more upscale, the prices are just a little more than what would would pay for a footlong sandwich with chips and a drink. It’s a nice indulgence.


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