La Perla

Dropped by La Perla for the first time.

La Perla: oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh house-made mozzarella, salami & Parmesan. I added olives. Vibrant & fresh.
I like my pizza loaded like a college kid on a Friday night but this left me feeling like I had opened a bag of chips that was 50% air.

La Perla can be pretty spendy, my advice is to save money and order from the special menu during lunch.

It’s the kind of Italian/artisan pizza you enjoy over a glass of wine, not the kind you’d order while playing Halo with 8 of your buddies.

Overall the flavors are vibrant, the ingredients are fresh and the individual pizzas are almost big enough to feed two people (WIN!).

Also, servers, please realize that there are more gracious ways to ask a person how many people they have than saying. “JUST ONE?” This implies there is something wrong with eating alone. That one is not enough. Sometimes I’m a PARTY of one and I like it that way. How about, “How many in your party?” Or “Will anyone be joining you today?” But for God-sakes don’t ask “Just one?” three times in a row!!!

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4 responses to “La Perla

  1. That pizza is almost perfect…. add some fresh spinach and I am in Heaven!

    Yes, isn’t that a little annoying… when a server does that? I tip on the service and remarks like that are not going to ingratiate yourself with me, servers. I’ve been in a relationship for almost six years and married for a year and a half, but every now and then I dine alone when Tina is out of town. I don’t need to be made to feel awkward or out of place by a total stranger.

    Great post! I will have to remember La Perla the next time we head south.

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