Have you been there?

Pretty much what I do with my days. It involves a lot less lipstick and a lot more cloths. Photo from stuffyourface-withlola.blogspot.com

When I say I am a food writer the conversation usually turns to “Have you tried this? What would you recommend for this? You have to go here!”

It’s only natural and it’s a conversation I enjoy having over and over.

My favorite bakery is Metropol. My favorite date spot is Meiji. Yes, Sam Bond’s is too loud. The best dish I’ve had in town was a pumpkin, pear risotto served over a spiced apple cider gastrique and topped with duck breast. It was a seasonal dish at Cafe Zenon and I do hope it comes back

Eating a tart at Metropol. If only a gal could survive on pastries alone . . .
Photo by Kylie Keppler

next year. Belly is the one place I haven’t tried yet but would really like to. A slightly hidden gem is Steve’s Breakfast and More in Springfield. It’s the quintessential retired persons diner, which makes it a refreshing and cheap getaway from college. I miss going to the Fisherman’s Market because I spend all my free money trying new places. And I’m not too happy about the fact that you have to pour your own coffee at Keystone. Half the reason I go to a sit-down breakfast is the kegs-worth of coffee that’s delivered to my table by a smiling face.

Alas, my answers are always the same. To me, they are a bit boring. What I want to hear about is the places I’ve never heard of.

An acquaintance wrote me a list last night of the places he’d like me to go:

  • Jalisco
  • Taco Truck
  • Evergreen
  • Papa’s Pizza
  • Dog in the Box
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Soup Nation

Most of these are places I’ve heard of, some of these I’ve started reviewing and one I’ve never heard of.

Currently I’m working on reviews for the following places:

  • Keystone
  • Fortune Inn
  • El Jarro Azul
  • Noodle Head
  • Horsehead
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Steve’s Breakfast and More

What are your favorite spots? What would you like to see reviewed? Comment below or send me a Tweet @melissahaskin


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