Restaurant News

Eugene goes through restaurants like Emily Gilmore goes through maids. One day an eatry is just barely bustling at lunch and the next its doors are locked, a simple sign declaring “Closed.”

Here are some updates on the Eugene Food Scene:

Rye just opened in the old Bridge Bar and Grill building (444 E. 3rd St). They are going for a village-type feeling, serving things like bourbon brined pork chops and chicken cacciatore. For more information check out this Register Guard article.

On a sad note, both June and Ratatouille closed their doors permanently  (ok, you caught me, the doors probably still open. We’re talking proverbial doors; they’re done serving food). The owner of Ratatouille told me in an email that there are no plans to reopen, nor to start a new restaurant.

Little Big Burger, a Portland-based joint opened mid-January. You can find my initial thoughts here.




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