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Hooray! A new ice-cream maker on the way for Red Wagon Creamery

My first mouthful of Red Wagon ice cream came on a summer afternoon in Springfield. I stuffed two melting mini ice cream cones in my mouth, alternating between salted caramel and chocolate. At $1 a piece, it would have been a shame to get just one. They were rich, creamy and most importantly in cute-sized … Continue reading

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Profile of a chef: Martina Russial bakes cakes, wields knives like a serial killer and eats corn dogs

It was a cloudy warm day when we skyped Martina Russial from the second floor of Agate Hall. In the background a car alarm persistently let us know that its owner was NOT getting stolen, and a vacuum sounded in the hall below the ceiling tile that had just caved in. Martina Russial was the … Continue reading