Easter Brunch: The Eugene Chapter

Easter is coming! Where are you going for brunch?


If you haven’t picked out a place, here are a couple of lovely local restaurants that will be serving a little something special*

Brioche French toast, glazed ham and corned beef hash are a few of the items that will be available at the buffet-style Excelsior brunch. Adults (10+) $29.95, kids (under 10) $15.95. Call (541) 342-6963 for reservations.

Nib will be dishing up entrees like chicken & waffles, eggs Benedict, and tiger prawns & potato bravas. The website says, “Brunch includes treats to take or eat here.” Prices vary. To make reservation’s call (541) 485-1269.

Rumor has it–ok their facebook page says–that Wild Duck will be cooking up something special too. Though what, I’m not sure. For more information call (541) 485-3825.

And if you’re up for a trip, or you live in the middle of nowhere i.e Creswell, Heidi Tunnell Catering is putting on a brunch. Call (541) 895-5885 for more information.

*Warning, Easter brunch is expensive : ( Sorry. If you’re looking for something cheaper pick up a pastry from New Day, make pancakes from scratch (no, I don’t mean out of a box), or hit a Springfield dive!

❤ Melissa


2 responses to “Easter Brunch: The Eugene Chapter

  1. Thanks for collecting all this information. My dad is coming to town (from Indiana) and we want to take him somewhere nice for brunch!

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