Burger and a Brew

College student or not, Burger-and-a-Brew is the perfect chance to chill and have a conversation on the cheap. Below is a list of where to get your decidedly glorious yet slightly gluttonous fix:


Cafe 440
Knee Deep burger, fries and a craft beer. $9
440 Coburg Rd. • 541-505-8493

1/2 lb. Knee Deep burger, fries and a micro brew. $11.99
All three locations

Good Times
375 E 7th Ave. • 541-484-7181

Side Bar
Burger, kettle chips and a brew. $7
1680 Coburg Rd. • 541-343-1200

Turtles Bar and Grill
1/2 lb. burger. $8
2690 Willamette St. • 541-465-9038


Mac’s At The Vets
$9 Burger Brew
1626 Willamette St. • 541-344-8600

Sixth Street Bar and Grill
Loaded with everything from mushrooms to bacon. Served with your choice of fries. Cider also counts as a “brew.” To prepare properly plan on skipping lunch. $7.50
55 W 6th Ave. Call • 541-485-296


Hot Mama’s Wings
420 W 13th Ave. • 541-653-9999

The O Bar & Grill
Burger and a domestic brew. $5
115 Commons Dr. • 541-349-0707

The Pantry and Pub
Burger and a micro brew. Kids option as well. $8.95
1810 Chambers St. • 541-343-0485


The Vintage
Burger and two brews. $10
837 Lincoln St. • 541-349-9181


Izakaya Meiji Company
Burger, a bourbon and a beer. $10
345 Van Buren St. • 541-505-8804


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