First Bite: Nib

Spanish blue cheese served with figs and hazelnuts.

Just south of Sweet Life, you’ll pass a small building with a red door. Don’t miss it. Inside you’ll find Nib, Modern Eatery, a small eatery owned by Shane & Tiffany Tracey.

According to a Register Guard article, the restaurant can seat about 30, though when summer rolls around an additional 25 seats open on the patio.

At Nib, you will find  French and Spanish influences that resonate in unexpected pairings that complement each other well–like figs and blue cheese.

The atmosphere is upscale and rustic French. It’s definitely fine-dining, yet there’s a comfortable feel as well.

Croquettes. Get these.

It is the kind of place where you can be an adventurous, not-well versed young lady and not be scorned at. The servers will not snuff their nose if you ask what a chanterelle is (it’s a type of mushroom) nor will they throw you out if you ask her to explain a croquette (trust me, you’ll want to start with an order of these fried balls of goodness. If you’re lucky, they’ll have blue cheese, that’s the best).

The dinner menu is short, perhaps because of the detail that goes into each dish. Throughout the year the menu changes, fish, quail, pork, and rabbit are among a few of the items. Sunday through Tuesday is family friendly pasta night ($7-$14). The one thing that seems to be missing, at least Wednesday through Saturday is a kids menu. This could be because of the atmosphere they’re trying to set. There will need to be more investigation on this matter.

Dessert tends to be unorthodox. Out with typical notions of pie or cheesecake and in with things like prunes simmered in red wine served with mascarpone. Most of all, they don’t whine if you decide you want to eat dessert first (bonus points for the servers).

It’s a little spendy but it will be one of the best meals in your life. The jury is still out on the services: sometimes it’s the most thoughtful service in town, other times you’re left wondering, “Oh hai, it’s brunch. Brunch means coffee. Can I have more coffee yet? Seriously, if these girls jabber any more before I get coffee…”

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin

Speaking of drinks, they’re a little spendy but they are well-crafted, a bit like the rest of the upscale Eugene drink scene (Soriah, Davis).

The restaurant is a bit finicky with their hours, they tend to only be open for dinner and Sunday brunch. You can check their hours here and their menu here.

Would/should a college student eat here? Probably not, but they should! I would suggest a light conversational happy hour, or saving up your money to celebrate something special, it’ll be well worth it.

Nib| 769 Monroe Street.|(541) 485-1269

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

College student friendly? Meh | Food 5 out of 5| Prices 4 out of 5 | Environment 5 out of 5 | Service 5 out of 5 .
Nib A modern Eatery on Urbanspoon


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