As a general policy I’ve decided to wait to fully review a restaurant so that it can work its kinks out. After all, my allegiance is to you, the reader and I want to make sure I’m describing a typical experience.

Given that, I’d like to share my initial thoughts of Webfoot Bar and Grill.

Webfoot is located on 13th, smashed between Roma and McKenzie Outfitters.They’re a smaller establishment, with booths, chalk-tables (not at all encouraging us to act like 10 year olds and draw obscenities), quite a few seats at the bar and an air hockey table (awesome much?).

In addition to beer and cocktails, they have a lovely selection of bottled cider.

They also serve food, pretty good fare for the campus-bar scene. It’s a tad bit spendy–perhaps a dollar or so over priced–but the quality is great. The kobe burger is huge and well-seasoned (a rare find) and though there aren’t usually fries, there are several good side-dish options including a pasta salad and a flavor of chips that I have yet to pin down.

They seem to be aiming to be a slightly more upscale bar, next to campus and while they haven’t earned a place in my heart like Max’s or Rennie’s they seem pretty cool. Webfoot is a little like Block 15 in Corvallis, so kinda like a mix between Rogue and Rennies.

The owner is pretty adorable, he has a great memory and seems to always be at Webfoot working hard.

A full review is in the future. In the meantime, what are your thoughts?


(update) p.s. check out the menu here. For more information call (541) 505-8422. Webfoot is located at 839 E 13th Ave.


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