In my life, dessert is a symbol. When I go to a restaurant, I order it first because it’s what makes me happy. In fact, I’d almost always rather go out for dessert than dinner. I see the girls next to me ordering salads, picking at their plates and getting boxes and that’s just not me. Life for me is about happiness, and it’s the little happy things that add up to make a happy life. And with that, I share with you my most recent project: a multimedia series on dessert in Eugene.

Click the titles below to see what local restaurants have to offer.

Dolce: Getting inventive with dessert at Agate Alley’s Laboratory

Dolce: Sweetly sustainable at Sweet Life

Dolce: crêpes, fondue and more at The Vintage

Dolce: Four times the originality at Café 440

Dolce: Fall-ing into dessert at The Excelsior

Dolce: Desserts gone Thai at Ring of Fire

Dolce: The sweeter side of Ratatouille Bistro

A new episode goes up on the website every Thursday and I’d love to know which local restaurants (dessert menu) you would like to hear about!

Follow DolceEugene on Twitter for updates!

Note to all future boyfriends: it’s not going to last unless you let me order dessert. fyi.


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