Pie pie pie.

In the last few months I have really thrown myself into journalism. I have a short time to impress the people around me, build an amazing portfolio and learn many, many things.

I don’t want to be one of the students that falls through the cracks.

Today, I had an article published with MyEugene. I was fortunate enough to be picked as a guest contributor. MyEugene is an online based “community-driven source for neighborhood news and events in Eugene, Oregon.” The best part of writing for MyEugene is that Jaculynn cares. She let me pick a topic that was important to me, so I spent a couple of weeks following bakers around asking them questions and taking photos of pie. It was an incredible experience.

But what was most helpful was that during the editing process Jaculynn communicated with me about everything and accepted input from me. I wrote a good piece by myself, but Jaculynn helped turn it into a great piece. Seeing her do that, watching each change and hearing comments and reasoning will help me be a better writer so that I can write great stories and hopefully have a little less red on my screen next time.

So my story is on pie, pie in Eugene and I am incredibly proud of it, you can read it here.



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