I Love My Ducklings — Links of Consequence

Here are some valuable resources for your college eating career:

Mr. Teddy is preparing for Tequila soup Wednesday, are you?

50 Best Food Blogs for the College Budget — This website lists lots of handy blogs which cover topics from recipes to shopping and eating out.

Oregon State University Housing and Dining Services Nutrition Blog — On the topic of blogs, OSU has this one with some great posts on things like wellness tips and studying. Yeah, I know, it’s OSU so don’t get caught reading it by anyone you know.

Nutrition Services, University of Oregon Student Health Center — for $15 you can meet a nutritionist one on one, you can even charge it to your student account, score!

ChooseMyPlate.gov –The most helpful resource you’ll find here is the food tracker. You put in what you eat and it analyzes everything for you. This is a great way to see trends in your eating and what you might need to change.

Food For Lane County — I’m not judging. Sometimes you’re screwed and you don’t have any choices. It looks like Food For Lane County organizes all of the local food banks, you can find more information on there website. Unfortunately it looks like UO doesn’t run an emergency food pantry, which is very disappointing. Hopefully this can be fixed because OSU has one and we don’t want to be #2 to them in anything! GO DUCKS!

Recipe Websites — The internet is an endless collection of recipes…and well, other things. Some of my favorite sites for recipes are Betty Crocker, allrecipes.com (they have super handy iPhone/iPod apps!), Better Homes and Gardens, and even though it’s a little pretentious Williams-Sonoma.

Links of Consequence is part of I Love My Ducklings, a series of food-related posts dedicated to the incoming ducks at UO & fellow ducks moving off campus.



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