An Open Letter to the Ducklings

We’re going to take a detour this week. This week is about my fellow ducklings. I have composed a poem for this event,

Dear Ducklings/Flock

whatever lame name

we’re calling you,

welcome to UO.

Please don’t starve

that would make me sad.

So, in honor of the incoming flock I have composed a weeks worth of fun, an orientation per se. But with more tequila (see Wednesday).

Here’s what’s on store:
Today, which is I suppose Sunday: This lovely letter and some links
Monday: Pasta Recipes
Tuesday: Chicken Recipes
Wednesday: Soup Recipes
Thursday: Fondue (confused?)
Friday: A handy-dandy list of cheap foods

Love always,

You were expecting some cheesy name weren’t you? And life advice too I suppose. Here’s my advice, don’t give up your ice cream. Ice cream is the one food that I always have in my freezer, even when I’m broke or trying to be healthy. It is my favorite food. I don’t know what your ice cream is, but promise me that no matter what you won’t give it up?


3 responses to “An Open Letter to the Ducklings

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