Happiness on a plate (mashed sweet potatoes)

Make yourself some mashed sweet potatoes instead of plain boring russet potatoes, you’ll like them so much more.

1. Peel sweet potatoes.

2. Cut potatoes into chunks. What size? Who cares. Just cut them

3. Add potatoes to pot with cold water (no, not that kind of pot silly).

4. Boil until munchable.

5. Add to mix-proof bowl.

6. Add milk, butter, salt, brown sugar and butter. How much? Enough so it tastes yummy!

7. Mix with electric mixer, or burn a billion calories by trying to mix by hand.

8. Put on plate and eat.

Got it? Got it?

Ok bye.

❤ Melissa


7 responses to “Happiness on a plate (mashed sweet potatoes)

  1. We have so many dessert using sweet potatoes. One that I personally like is kuih keria. It looks like a doughnut but we add mashed sweet potato preferably the orange coloured variety. And instead of sprinkling them with sugar, we sugar-coat them with melted sugar. The end product would be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Will post the recipe once I can find nice sweet potatoes.

  2. I like to peel Sweet Potatoes and cut them into lengths like a fry then toss in olive oil & seasoning and bake in a single layer. They crisp up and carmelize a bit … yum and oh so good for you too!

    Cheers MJ

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