Take me out to the ball game

This is actually a photo of two little jedi's chasing the Em's mascot.

One of the best parts about a baseball game is the food. Overly priced hot dogs, pretzels, candy, soda and beer–things we find at many other sporting events. But it just seems that hot dogs go with baseball more so than any other sport. It could be the endless movie scenes of fathers eating them with their sons in the stands, or friends facebook pictures, or, well, I guess that’s all the evidence I’ve seen. This was actually my first baseball game and you can’t blame me for feeling compelled to sit in the bleachers in a T-shirt and eat a hot dog.

Jumbo Hot Dog, it cost $5.50

Pulled pork sandwich and potato salad (top) from off the hook. Hot dog from the stadium "snack bar."

We tried a menagerie of things, some from the stadium snack bar, some from a local vendor, Hole in the Wall Barbecue.

The hot dog was by far the highlight of the meal. The bun was a white bun it smelled like a piece of white bread–yeasty. It was just a tad longer than the hot dog. The dog itself was a was a Hebrew National hot dog. It didn’t just fill the length of the bun, it filled most of the bun, leaving little room for toppings. For $5.50, it was a great deal.

Nachos and a bucket of condiments.

The nachos were not super exciting. The chips were the typical crappy tortilla chips you’d get at any overpriced event. Other than the faint hint of rubber, the cheese was almost tasteless. The price was $5.25.

The pulled pork sandwich came on a potato bun and was stuffed full of pulled pork. The sauce was tangy and sweet, complementing the sandwich well, though the meat was dry. The potato salad was just flat out intriguing. It had dill, which is not unusual, what was unusual though was that there was a creamy texture that tasted slightly cheesy, it seemed that the salad had sour cream in it. Everything worked well together, it was just a new twist on potato salad. Total price: $9. Amazing.

Here’s the deal: Hot dogs at PK park take you to the magical happy place of baseball land, barbecue from the Hole in the wall stand is pretty ok, and the nachos, just promise me you won’t get them? I mean, I wasted enough money for the both of us.

Pulled pork sandwich and potato salad from Hole in the Wall Barbecue.

PK Park| 2760 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401| Box Office: 541-342-5367| Tickets Here|Most if the snack bar menu here

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

College student friendly? Service–yes| Food 4 out of 5| Prices: 4 out of 5| Environment 5 out of 5


3 responses to “Take me out to the ball game

  1. Someone once told me that hot dogs and baseball go together on a cosmic level because buns and mitts are similar, conceptually. Both are brown objects meant to hold other objects. A stretch of a theory maybe, but the point still stands: hot dogs and baseball games are a seamless pair. And several pints of $9 beer of course.

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