Happy hour at Rogue

Happy hour at Rogue is not that impressive. In fact, it might be renamed “mediocre hour not featuring any exciting drink specials, actually you might as well just come in later because you’re not going to save any money drinking.”

In order to be special enough for happy hour, you have to actually sit at the bar (unless your server is nice enough to let you eat outside, which does happen). There are no drink specials, meaning the prices are yes, the same as any other hour.

The food menu while very affordable is not extraordinary. For a couple of dollars you can get a couple of previously frozen pretzels served with mustard, a lovely plate of hummus or a black bean salad which is a healthy mix of black beans, corn, tomatoes and peppers (there are a couple of other choices too).

A couple redeeming qualities:

Rogue has damn good beer

The drink prices are decently reasonable

They have a freaking dog menu. Amazing for dog owners who want to grab a beer while taking the dog for a walk!

Rogue Ales Public House  (recently renamed from Eugene City Brewery)| 844 Olive Street Eugene, OR 97401| 541-345-4155|Happy Hour: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.|Full menu here

Happy hour rating: 2 out of 5

College student friendly? Service–yes| Happy hour food 3 out of 5| Happy hour food prices: 4 out of 5| Environment 4 out of 5|Happy hour drink prices: 0 out of 5|


13 responses to “Happy hour at Rogue

  1. I’m still working on my master’s (big change from economics)! You know, I think it’s super important to pick the school that’s right for you–much more so than undergrad. I think the size and the staff are especially important. I love my program because my class (magazine/news editorial at University of Oregon) has nine people. While sometimes we mix with the undergrads our classes are still pretty small and we get to work pretty closely with the faculty. I also love the unique style of Eugene, I feel at home here and that makes all the difference because if you’re not happy with where you’re living I think it affects the quality of your work. My plan is to take it slow, get an amazing internship, learn as much as possible and be as involved as I can. I want to be published while I’m in school. Not school newspaper published–but local and national publications. And that’s going to be damn hard, but if I can’t get published and can’t push myself to do something exceptionally challenging then what the hell am I in grad school for? I’m not saying my plan is the perfect one, but I like my plan. Honestly, I think that every one has “my college newspaper” on their resume, so I think it’s important to aim a little bit higher and not get caught up working 800 hours a week at a student publication. And do what you’re doing, blog. I always thought it was a tad silly but then I met the Pulitzer prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold and he told me that if I wanted a career in food writing I really should have a food blog. I respect his advice, so I started this blog.
    What did you do your undergrad in? Do you know where you want to study?

    • Actually I’m going to be starting my last year of highschool this September. haha, I’m just planning ahead. I want to do the same though, getting internships and such. I have been published before in magazines but theyre just local things, so I’m hoping more news will get out about the blog.

      • Well best of luck to you. Are you going to do your undergrad in journalism as well? Some master’s programs are for people with undergrad degree’s that aren’t in journalism. That’s what mine is.

  2. Melissa, maybe you can check out your local edible or other food magazine (I don’t know how close you are to edible Portland). I am a freelance writer for the edible in the East Bay (in CA), and the editor is always looking for fresh new writers. Great blog! 🙂

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