Divine Cupcake

Lavander Cupcake

I’m not a cake person. I don’t know why, but I never have been. I’m also not one for spending just as much money on one cupcake as I would an entire batch of homemade cupcakes. Yet, circumstances led me to the Divine Cupcake earlier this week and being a person fully in support of dessert, I tried a cupcake and let me tell you, it was indeed divine.

The Divine Cupcake has quite a variety of cupcakes, from the less usual lavender to the more common German chocolate. Employee Jenna, dubbed the cupcakerista, describes the warm and fuzzy cupcake as a “chai tea latte but with a butter-cream cinnamon frosting.” Her favorite is a tie between the warm and fuzzy and the lavender, which I tried.

The lavender cupcake comes a little larger than an average cupcake with lavender colored frosting. The cupcake itself is moist, but certainly not mushy. It’s light and has a faint taste of spice. The taste is noticeable but definitely a background noise to the frosting. The lavender in the frosting is overwhelming, a nice complement to the cupcake itself. It’s on the finish that you can detect the butter-cream part of the frosting. For those who like lavender or are up for something new, this is your cupcake. However, if you just like a hint of lavender you might want to stick with something more common.

The Divine Cupcake is owned by couple Emily Downing-Moore and Thaddeus Moore who spend time in the kitchen as well as at their other jobs. Everybody loves a small town business and that’s what this is. It’s the kind of place where you can pop your head in the back to ask the baker a question or run into the owners on a Wednesday evening. And just like other businesses in town customers can find different events throughout the week, from knitting night to trivia night.

Ryan Schoeck contributed to the reporting of this article.


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