Getting Down to the Soul of Eugene

About halfway though the term I couldn’t resist trying Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen. Classmates professed of its amazingness, telling of large plates of food at marginal prices and it was conveniently located next to my house.

I convinced myself that taking the time to enjoy a meal out would save me time so I could spend more time studying, grabbed a magazine and headed over. ‘Twas just before the dinner rush and a warm enough afternoon to sit on the patio in May.

As I sipped on sweet tea, the waiter convinced me to order the special which had lots of shrimp, rice, and tomatoes. I of course made myself look like a fat kid and ordered lots of other food as well. I’d love to tell you about it, but you’re just going to have to wait until I get back from LA and have a chance to try it one more time!

Shan’t be but more than two weeks. This of course will coincide with the beginning of the term which means a wonderful excuse for a bar review as well! Fun times are about to be had for all.



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