A Blurb About this Blog

Earlier this term I took a weekend course with Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold. With lines like “What is lasagna fritta? Apparently rolled lasagna sliced into thick discs, crisped in trans-fat-free boiling oil and served with a marinara dipping sauce. Words for once fail me,” his writing is evidence that food writing need not be pretentious.

As a food writer, Gold has the opportunity to take his time when writing a review. He’ll go back a few times or, on occassion, seventeen times.

I am going to approach this blog as a student which is fitting—seeing as I am one.

Obviously, as a student, my first priority is having enough money for beer (Ok, so I’m allergic. But it sounded poetic. I usually stick to cocktails) and to drink as much coffee as humanly possible when I’m sober. Or not sober. Being conscious of this, I am going to make it a goal to write a review in just a few visits. I’ll share the ingredients and the tastes, the smells and the prices. I’ll describe the decor and the atmosphere.

Ultimately though, the question will be “would a college student eat here?” This means, beyond the review of the actual food, I will be looking at value—is the food worth spending extra money on? Does it taste fantastic for a reasonable price? Or OK for a stellar price? Is it healthy?

Oh and then there’s the one that’s been bugging me forever: what the hell is up with Monroe Street Cafe? It seems totally creepy.

Stayed tuned for all this and more!




6 responses to “A Blurb About this Blog

  1. thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoy your writing – it puts mine to shame really. I absolutely love to eat so I think I’ll be checking back very often. keep writing Melissa!

    • Yeah, not too excited about the whole being allergic to beer thing. I’m also allergic to lemons and limes, which makes me every bartenders favorite patron but it just means I get to explore the cocktail world. I just discovered Tijuana Speed-bombs thanks to Silas over at Soriah (he recently moved to Ninkasi. Sad.). I love Eugene so much, where are you these days?

  2. Lol the only drinks I really love are beer, and margaritas. Although you could definitely do margaritas still, just without the lime juice. I grew up in Eugene/Springfield, graduated from Thurston. Living up in Seattle now, for just over 5 years. I love it up here too, but I miss Eugene! Very different places.

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